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We specialise in all Telecoms works through out the UK and have played a key role in the delivery of the EE emergency services roll out throughout England, Scotland and Wales. At Dales Surveying we ensure we are always at the forefront of Commercial Drone Technology


LOS Surveys

With over 2000 LOS surveys under our belt - We can successfully help our clients identify dish link feasability at distances up to 45 kilometres.


Radio Coverage Planning

Aerial Panoramas to HYLAS Reports. We provide our clients with the necessary confirmation. Using RTK base stations, our clients can be assured of centimetre accuracy.

Lidar LOS.png

LiDar LOS Surveys

Equipped with our range of 'Light Distance and Ranging' cameras. We can provide centimetre accurate elevation reports between mast sites at any link distance and can pin point areas of interference to allow rectification such as tree lopping.


Drive Test Reports

Using our range of pump up trailer masts equipped with antenna and using our vehicle rooftop mounted recievers - We can provide our clients with drive test data in order to accurately plan radio coverage to black spots.



Our team of in house CAD Designers can allow you to visualise sites with lifelike models in order to aid planning applications.



From site identification, through to Heads of Terms negotiation and legal completion our surveyors are well equipped to deliver sites in a timely manner.


LiDAR Mapping

Using our range of Light Distance and Ranging cameras, we are able to provide centimetre accurate 3D mapping of large areas of land, such as moorland, which has proved beneficial for the planning of conservation and restoration works.


Culvert Inspections

Using our specialist drones, we can inspect underground drainage systems without the need for any ground penetration. This enables us to provide our clients with clear reports of condition and allows preventative maintenance to be planned while reducing the risk of human injury. 

3D model.png


From detailed 3D renderings to largescale Orthorectified mosaics, our surveyors are equipped to provide centimetre accurate models of buildings and largescale RGB maps of moorland / agricultural land.


Thermal Surveys

Equipped with the DJI H20 Thermal camera, we can provide accurate Building Thermal Loading reports to Facilities Managers and Pylon Fault detection for National Grid operatives. 


Rooftop Inspections

We can provide detailed rooftop inspections in order to help our clients with preventative measures and showcase any existing or potential faults, all whilst keeping feet safely on the ground. Our 'Congested Area Permission' from the CAA allows our experienced pilots to fly as close as 5 metres from uninvolved persons not within our control. This allows us to legally inspect the most hard to reach areas in some of the busiest cities in the UK in the safest manner possible. 


Turbine Inspections

Wind turbine inspections can be completed using our 45mp cameras. 



We have a proven track record in securing planning consents for Telecoms operators. Through numerous submissions of planning applications, we have built sound working relationships with the local planning authorities throughout the UK. 


  • Pre-application advice 

  • Planning application preparation

  • Prior approvals

  • Management of planning appeals

  • Presenting to councils and planning committees. 

  • Planning appraisals


Estate Management

Managing portfolios of telecoms installations and individual sites on a day-to-day basis is an important aspect of our business.. Clients that sub-contract the on-going estate management of their asset portfolios to Dales Surveying Ltd can be confident their infrastructure will be maintained and managed to their commercial advantage and their commercial interests protected. Dales Surveying has been involved in both the T-Mobile/H3G Network Consolidation and the Decommissioning projects since their inception and has been involved with the ongoing Estate Management on behalf of EE, as well as CTIL.

Our estate management services: 

  • Lease renewals

  • Rent reviews 

  • Site upgrades

  • Multi site agreements

  • NTQ site replacements

  • Lease reads

At Dales Surveying we ensure we are always at the forefront of Commercial Drone Technology

With the fast paced Drone market - Technology is quickly becoming outdated. We are committed to reinvesting in new drone assets in order to pass on the benefits directly to our clients.

Experienced pilots 

In house Traffic Management 

ArPas Members

Drone Safety Register

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